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between the balance 
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scattered pieces


This dance theater piece explores the ideas of misplacement and loss. When something goes missing or someone is gone how does it effect us? Maybe the thing or person isn’t gone, but it’s changed, how do we deal with that? Do we grieve; do we try to fix it? Do some things just remain broken? Routines/repeated practices can help one move through the absence of something, but does it actually allow one to heal? Is something still missing? These ideas can be as simple as when you lost your favorite childhood toy, or broke that nicknack and couldn’t glue it back together right; or they can be complex. What steps can we take to make sure our political system represents our ideals? Can it be fixed? Do we fix it? Are somethings just broken? Perhaps something new emerges. Through relationships with the people in our community, we can find comfort and strength and move forward with compassion.

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