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Music: William Catanzaro 
Lighting: Connor Mulligan
Dancers: Caitlyn Casson, Lorena Jarmillo,* Nicole Kadar-Greene, Caitlin Knowles, Kathryn McKenzie, and Glenna Yu 
*Due to injury Lorena is unable to perform in this performance, Caitlyn Casson is stepping into her role. 
Choreography: Nicole Kadar-Greene in collaboration with the dancers

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About the work: 

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between the balance


Has been in research over the last year. This theater piece,  discusses the fragile equilibrium of the human self in light of the pandemic. This story is told through the dancers dialogue, gestures and movement that is confined to a physical box drawn on the floor as well as virtual boxes.. 


Lorena Jarmillo, Nicole Kadar, Caitlin Knowles, Kathryn McKenzie, and Glenna Yu

Original Music by William Catanzaro


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With Support from:

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COVID Guidelines: 
In-person attendees must be vaccinated. Attendees must also remained masked while in Culture Lab LIC.

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