Dance Class

Dance can still exist in the COVID world we live in.

We need the arts. Now more than ever we all need a space to be heard and seen; we need space to calm ourselves and find some healing; we need space to be fierce and proud; we need space to love and be loved;

we need space to dance.

Join me, Nicole Kadar, in bringing the joy of dance into your home. Please email me about your interest. This processes is in the infancy stages right now and I hope to structure classes beginning September 14th. 

Contact to place and inquiry and set up classes for your child. 

Class offerings

Subject to change based on interest

All classes will be no more than 8 students. Classes offerings range in disciplines including, creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. Different class offerings are available for ages 3-15. 

Upon inquiry Nicole will begin to set up classes for your child. 

As inquires come in, Nicole will create a schedule that is most accommodating for the community.



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