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The Roslyn Trinity Cooperative Day School

Lindi Nubel,  Director

"Within the first ten minutes of observing and participating in classes last Wednesday I the could see that Ailey Arts In Education Teaching Artist, Nicole Kadar, was a master teacher... She introduced descriptive words and modeled ways for the children to move their bodeis, never losing the children's attention. The children eagerly followed her instructions and danced to a variety of music including classical music from Swan Lake. She kept them moving throughout the entire session. The look on the Children's faces as they moved to the music was excitement and pure joy!" 

Skidmore College - Guest Lecturer 

Carmen Zhang,  Student


"Three valuable things I learned from the class is: (1) dealing with children’s behaviors, especially unusual ones; (2) developing a lesson plan and making it happen- structure of the class, designing the right tasks, achieving the objectives; (3) use of props, music and plenty of imageries."

Goddard Riverside Community Center | Bernie Wohl

Susan Macaluso,  Director of Community Center

"During my seven years as director, I have hired and witnessed dozens of dance teaching artists. I have admired each of them, but Nicole stands out above all the rest for her compassion, sense of engagement, awareness of environment, and ability to command attention in a gentle manner.  And she is an absolutely beautiful dancer.


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